The 2nd Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition


1st Prize
Chieri Tomii
2nd Prize
Tae Koseki
3rd Prize
Jiman Wee
4th Prize
Hikaru Matsukawa
5th Prize
Seiji Okamoto


31st March(Tue)
1st Round 10:00 Start (9:40 Open)
1st April(Wed)
1st Round 10:00 Start (9:40 Open)
2nd April(Thu)
2nd Round 10:00 Start (9:40 Open)
4th April(Sat)
Final Round 13:30 Start( 13:00 Open)( with Ichiro Saito conducting Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra )
Commendation Ceremony(about 19:00 Start)


of the Jury
Shlomo Mintz
Jury member
  • György Pauk
  • Sungsic Yang
  • Julia Igonina
  • Kazuki Sawa
  • Koichiro Harada
  • KimikoNakazawa


1st Round

Allemande and courante (including double, without repeat) from Bach partita no.1 BWV1002 Kreisler, Recitativo and scherzo caprice Op.6

2nd Round

One of Händel violin sonata (Op.1-3,10,12,13 or 15) (without repeat) and one sonata by Szymanowski, Janacv ek or Debussy. and 8-12 minutes of virtuoso piece(it can be one or more pieces)

Final Round

Beethoven, Mendelsshon (Op.64), Tchaikovsky or Brahms violin concerto


(* The violins are to be lent for free of charge for two years.)

First Prize
A violin by M. Bergonzi (EX. Mintz) 1764 is to be lent. Supplementary prize: 500,000 yen
Second Prize
A violin by G. F. Pressenda (EX. Schultz) 1828 is to be lent. Supplementary prize: 300,000 yen
Third Prize
A violin by J. Rocca (EX. Murvitz) 1864 is to be lent. Supplementary prize: 200,000 yen
Fourth and Fifth Prizes
Prize to each winner 100,000 yen each

Privileges to Prizewinners of First, Second and Third Places

  1. First, Second and Third places will be lent Prize Violins until March 2011.
  2. To appear in the Winner's recital between April 2009 to March 2011 at Munetsugu Hall.
  3. Financial support given to winners when organizing their own solo recital between April 2009 to March 2011. (The amount will be decided according to the regulations set by NPO Yellow Angel)
  4. Support given to winners if they wish to participate in International competition and music courses abroad. Also recommendation letter will be made if needed by NPO Yellow Angel.